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Stephen D. Hobbs

 Berea, KY ยท

I'm watching the fighting in the Middle East expand. Arab vs Arab. The United States is leading the fight. Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet that crossed into their air space. I have to admit that it gives me the creeps. ISIS must be defeated in my opinion. This is not a regional conflict. ISIS is a bloodthirsty, cruel, power-hungry terrorist group of Muslims who desire to control the world. Americans have & are fighting with them. They are in the U.S. They're controlled by a demonic spirit. ISIS is recruiting women to cook & have babies. Non Arab women are joining them to cook their meals and have their babies. It's a spirit. Christians must pray fervently. I nor anyone else knows when Jesus will return, but all of this conflict is preparing for the return of Christ. Pray for our president & military. Pray for the quick defeat of the terrorists. Pray for the safety of our citizens. It's a dangerous world that's only going to get more dangerous. Be blessed. Maranatha.

P.S. Churches better stop the stupid conflicts among them. Churches better resolve conflict biblically. The world needs our prayerful attention.

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