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Stephen D. Hobbs

Berea, KY


Hunger & thirst are two of the strongest human needs. People will go to great lengths, even illegally, to eat or feed their family, if they're hungry. Jesus used this analogy to talk about spiritual desire. Believers should be driven to be filled with the righteousness of God. The church has too many members who are on spiritual diets. They're just nibbling & sipping at the limitless buffet God has for us. God who has all power wants to live in & through his church. The challenges that face us & an increasing spiritually dark world demands a church filled with the righteousness of God. If the church ever desired the presence & power of God in it's life with the same zeal as physical satisfaction, the world would be a much different place. Eat up. Quench your thirst. Fill up on the righteousness of God. His blessings will follow. Be blessed.


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